Steps to Install new ROM on HTC Desire and get Android 2.3 or Android 3

{Automaic translate}

When rooteas not lose or configuration or data, or the desire apps, but from S-OFF you lose everything. It is recommended to backup the important things we create.

If you are unsure of something, documentate well first, you conjelar the phone and only serve as a paperweight.

Read -> Before you do anythig: Before you do anything

Download as -> You have to download and install the Android SDK and takes quite, so you can go about doing mienstras rooteas, S-OFF, etc..


First of all you have to rooting the Desire to have full control.

It is important to have the HTC drivers installed on the PC desire.

Change android settings for USB debugging (Settings> Installed apps> Development)

Desire Connect USB (USB tethering, or sometimes, if it fails, put USB drive).

Now you can use or for root.

I do not I run unrevoked, only unlockroot.


[It does wipe, so you lose all the data]

The HTC are signed (secuflag) to not be flashing.

No problem, you change the HBOOT to remove security and have S-OFF (security-off).

Http:// Download the iso and burn it to a CD or mount VMPlayer (In VMPlayer must enable USB to take to the virtual machine).

The iso is a LiveCD that does it all automatically once the Desire we detected (If not detected try USB tethering USB Drive. Might take a few seconds to recognize it).


Flash the Amon Ra's recovery for the Desire (recovery-RA-desire-v2.0.0.img):

If we andoird SDK installed in the default path, go to c: \ android-sdk \ tools, check that we have the executable "fastoboot", if not, download it here: C3% B3mo_utilizar_FastBoot

Turn off the Desire and boot into fastboot mode (hold back key-press on / off).

Open a cmd and type: fastboot devices to see if we detected the Desire.

Run Now in cmd: fastboot flash recovery recovery-RA-desire-v2.0.0.img

(Where recovery-RA-desire-v2.0.0.img is the path of the image we downloaded Ra)

More info about Amon Ra Recovery:


[It does wipe, so you lose all the data]

Now we can put the ROM precooked we want, there are many for the Desire.

The most famous are CyanogenMod (CM) and MIUI. The desire is something Justito, so I installed CM.

As we have the Amon Ra's, download the rom you want (it is also advised to download the Google Apps zip, otherwise we will not sync with market and gmail accounts, etc.) and put it in the SD card. Now enter the Amon Recovery (hold back key-press on / off) and do full wipe (clean all data) and then flaheamos (option Flash zip from SD card) with the ROM that you downloaded (if you also have downloaded Google Apps , repeat and select Flash zip zip with goolgeApps). Finally click on Reboot system.

NOTE: There is also an app in the market llamda Rom Manager that can help us to download the latest ROMs and install them. Actually when you hit install, reboot with the recovery you have set (in our case the Amon Ra).


If you try to flash the ROM with some application to install and do not have a Recovery (eg Amon Ra) will appear black screen with a picture of a phone and a red triangle is warning. In this case, remove the battery and put it back, then keep pressing key + Search On / Off.

If you install the ROM without wipe (data cleansing), you may be getting stuck trying to load the ROM. In this case, remove the battery and put it back, then hold Back key + press On / Off to access the recovery and to make full wipe and re-flash the ROM.