An easy, simple and useful link list. You can send links directly from your mobile or tablet Android and view them in the browser on your computer, TV or any other device.

On the one hand we have the Android app and on the other a web to see the links. The first time you access the Linkame website, a unique identifier is generated for that computer, you can register that identifier in the app and now you are able to send links via the "Share" menu of Android.

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OffPow 8


Simple application that allows us to program the automatic shutdown of your PC. 100% compatible with Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Programming Mode "Current time" and "timer".

Lets you choose between shutting down or restarting the current computer or any computer on the network.

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Simpleviewer Config

SimpleViewer Config is a tool developed by to easily configure SimpleViewer (TM) galleries.

Forget SimpleViewer settings. In just three steps you've configured your image gallery in Flash without having to worry about HTML code or create thumbnails. SimpleViewer-Config does everything for you.

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Simple application that allows you to schedule automatic shutdown of your PC.

Programming mode "Exact time".

Option to kill a specific process. Very useful for scheduling automatic closing of applications.

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