An easy, simple and useful link list. You can send links directly from your mobile or tablet Android and view them in the browser on your computer, TV or any other device.

On the one hand we have the Android app and on the other a web to see the links. The first time you access the Linkame website, a unique identifier is generated for that computer, you can register that identifier in the app and now you are able to send links via the "Share" menu of Android.

The project is Open Source and is available in GitHub, however, you can download the Android application compiled pointing to a web resource from

Important: Due to security, yo add a device to the app is necessary to be on the same network.


Download Linkame app for Android

The compiled apk is pointing to the Linkame oficial website.



Linkame web

The site is accessible from any browser. A unique identifier will be generated for each device the first time you access the web. For security, the IP is kept on the server so only the devices that are on the same network can be registered. Both the IP address and the names and URLs of the links sent are stored encrypted on the server and can only be decrypted with a key that only is saved on client devices.